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How to Become an Advocate:

Advocacy is about speaking up, raising awareness of specific issues and solutions, working with others to make a difference, and guiding decision makers towards solutions that have a positive effect on people’s lives. This holiday season and beyond consider giving your time to advocate for those that cannot do it for themselves.  We will need your help in the months ahead as Congress plans to cut  billions from the SNAP(food stamp) program and eliminates the charitable deduction for donations to nonprofits.

Advocacy is the process of people participating in decision-making activities, which affect their lives. Being an advocate for issues that impact children, families and seniors means working with and for people to advocate for change. 

Advocacy can be undertaken individually or in groups. Participating in activities locally, regionally or nationally as part of a group such as letter writing to legislators, Congress, local newspapers, your church, and your neighborhood can be a very powerful way of ensuring decision-makers are aware of the issues impacting children, seniors and their families.

The focus of advocacy can be large common issues that require major changes to policy and practice or small, more localized issues. Regardless of how large or small the action required, the purpose of our advocacy is ensuring a positive effect on people’s lives.

Please educate yourselves on the issues facing our friends and neighbors. To the right are links to articles, commentaries, editorials, websites and other information that will prove helpful as you advocate.  If you need additional ways of advocating for and with people please contact Sandy Hinkle at 330-421-4816 or sandy@feedingmedinacounty.org

Be Informed!

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